Dwarf Class

Crafting is disabled so please read about each class and there upgrade options. Working as a class will earn you gemsDwarven Gem which can be spent on upgrades from other classes. If you are new to the game checkout our frequently asked questions after this page.


The dwarves objective is to prevent the monsters getting to the three shrines.

Summon Stone and food with your Spellbook, build defense to earn Armour and gems.

Heal with the instant heal potion, cost 2 hunger bars each time you heal.


Find or grow trees and cut them down, collect 24 sticks to upgrade your Bow.


Find or grow flowers with bone meal, break flowers to get seeds and grass to get bone meal. Collect 24 seeds to upgrade your Chestplate.


Find iron bars and break them to gain iron nuggets, collect 24 iron nuggets to upgrade your sword.


This class requires VIP which can be obtained by voting or donating your time or money. Find a water source or left click empty bottles to fill them with water. Brew three the water bottles with a spider eye to get Mundane Potions. Have three Mundane potions in your inventory then hold and left click one to get Orange dye. Repeat this task until you have six Orange dye then hold them and left click.

For more useful tips check out the frequently asked questions section.