DvZ - Frequently asked questions


How do I join the game?

This depends on what stage the game is when you join, before the first night you will be given Records which are Dwarf starting items and if its already night a Monster Token. To join the game you must hold and punch a item, please remember that you can only join the game as a Monster after midnight when the monsters have been released.

What is the game objective?

At the start of the game the Dwarves must build up defense around the first of three shrines. Once the first night comes an event will begin where some dwarves will die. When the moon is at the highest point in the sky the monsters will be released, each dwarf that dies or players that join late will become monsters. The Dwarves must defend there three shrines and prevent the monsters from standing on the shrine. The shrines have power which will be shown on screen, the shrines power will change depending on how many dwarves are near the shrine and how many monsters are stood on the shrine. The game ends when all the shrines are taken by the monsters or all the dwarves are dead.


How do I get items and Armour?

All Dwarves can build to gain and replace missing items, alternatively you can work as a Dwarf class like Tailor or Lumberjack and earn your items by completing a task.

How do I become a Blacksmith or other Dwarf classes?

Everyone can play as any or all classes, check out our Dwarf class page for instructions and YouTube video demonstrations.


Can I be any Monster class or are some only available to VIP?

All classes are available to everyone, VIP users have a increased chance of getting rare Monster classes.


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