Our Network provides the following Game modes

Dwarves VS Zombies

DvZ is a Two Team game and the end goal is to elimiate the Dwarf Team or capture the three Dwarf Shrines. The game starts with just One Team building up defense and equipment. Once the first Night falls events will occur and the Dwarves that die will form the Monsters Team.

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Monster Vs Dwarves

MvD is a Two Team game with currently no end goal. The game selects a player at random to become a Monster, the remaining players will form the Dwarf Team. The objective is to Kill the Monster, each time a player dies a Defensive or Offensive item will spawn.

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Monster Vs Monster

MvM is a Solo game where players can choose a Monster class and battle in a free for all Arena.


Dwarves Survival

Players can obtain the abilities of Dwarves from the game mode DvZ within a vanilla Survival World that resets from time to time. The objective is to earn equipment by completing tasks, finding rare items in chest or crafting items to gain abilities. Once geared up players can hunt each other down in teams if they prefer and battle.

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Orc Attack

Inspired by an old Atari game from the 1980's, Orc Attack is a simple but fun mini-game. The objective for the Orcs is to climb a wall and kill the knights, Orcs are given ladders to climb and weapons to kill and distract. Knights remain on the wall equipped with Armour and a Sword, Knights can obtain anvils which destroy ladders as they fall. A video of the original game can be found here


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