The SkyBlock challenge is a great way to test your Minecraft knowledge and skills.
Players can create islands and invite friends to work through a list of challenges.

Useful information

The objective of SkyBlock is to start with limited resources and over time obtain and craft as many items that are possible with the resources you can access. Resources can be obtained by visiting the /PvE world and completing /challenges to earn money and items.

How do I generate more blocks?
Many types of blocks can be generated, check out this guide for help!

How can I get back lost items?
Everyone makes mistakes and we have plenty of solutions, to open our help menu type the command /help

Do monsters or animals spawn on islands?
Yes they do and all the regular requirements of Minecraft apply. For example monsters only spawn 24 blocks away in light level 7 and below. Please note we do limit the number of mobs per island, you can only have 3 of most types with the exception of a few.

Suggestions and changes
Visit our Trello page to vote on suggestions and keep up with the development.

Useful commands

  • /island - Create and manage your island.
  • /help- Opens the help menu, for solutions to common questions.
  • /island invite - Invite a player you 100 trust to share your island.
  • /island restart - Last resort, this will clear you items an island, refer to /help
  • /island info - View your islands rank and details.
  • /island top - View the list of highest ranked islands based on the size and blocks.
  • /challenges - Complete challenges to earn money and items.
  • /home - If you own a island, you will be teleported to your island.
  • /pve - The PvE world is dangerous and contains many resources.
  • /balance - Check how much money you have remaining.
  • /shop - Opens the shop menu, buy and sell items with your money.
  • /spawn - If you want to return to the main spawn area use this command.
  • /tpa <player name> - Teleport to another player.
  • /fun - You can have fun with our disguise menu. Please vote to earn reward tokens!
  • /reward - Spend your reward tokens on the disguise menu, and vote to earn more tokens!