These game modes are just ideas and might never be released.

Idea One
Protect the Monster

Two teams, Monsters and Dwarves.

A player will get picked from the Monsters online, I am undecided how you will tell who the player is, we could use a nameplate above the head, or glowing particle effects, a unique mob disguise or a common mob like zombie making it more stealth like and other monsters can be decoys.

The Selected player will have no attack but the ability to heal the monsters around them, perhaps some other abilities like spawning clones to confuse the dwarves or replace all Monsters around them with the same disguise.

The Monster team must get the selected player to the check points and eventually to the final check point, if the player dies a new one will be selected from the Monster team and will respawn at the last check point. An indicator at the top of the screen will show the distance the player is from the next check point. 


Idea Two
Protect the Dwarf

Two teams, Monsters and Dwarves.

A player will be select from the Dwarves team, and will be given different armor and a bright name plate to make them stand out.

They will only have defensive items and a heal and feed area effect to encourage other dwarves to keep close.

The objective is to keep this player alive, prevent the mobs from getting to them. The health of the selected Dwarf will be shown on the bar at the top of the screen.

If the selected Dwarf dies, they join the Monster team and a new player is chosen from the Dwarves team, this continues until all Dwarves are dead.

Only issue is this might encourage hiding, and not sure how the Dwarves could win, perhaps if the selected Dwarf lives for x amount of time.

Not sure how teams will be generated/decided.


Idea Three
FFA - Free For All. MFFA - Monster Free For All. DFFA - Dwarf Free For All.

Free for all game modes, two 50+ slot servers one for a Monster free for all and one of Dwarves free for all.

Monster VS Monsters, none-stop random spawning within a pre-build arena, not thought of any objectives yet.

Dwarves VS Dwarves, none-stop random spawning within a pre build arena, with legendary item rewards for kills.


Idea Four
Party Mini-Games

Short fun Mini-Game server with 100+ slots.

Each game will be a few minutes long and all players will be moved to the next game automatically. 


Idea Five
Dwarves Survival or Factions.

All the items and abilities that Dwarves have in DvZ within a Vanilla PVP world.


Idea Six

Using an entity like a Chest minecart, one team must prevent the other from getting the minecart getting to its final destination. 


Idea Seven
Dwarven KitPVP or SkyWars

Use some of the current Dwarf abilities to make a unique version of common PVP game modes.


Idea Eight
Orc Attack

One of my earliest memories of a video game was a game called Orc Attack on my parents Atari. Really basic game mode that could lend itself well to a Minecraft Version.


Idea Nine
DvD - Dwarves vs Dwarves or CTS - Capture The Shrine

Two teams get a short time to prepare, mine and craft legendary items before battle, the first team to eliminate the other or capture the shrine wins.

Development Ideas:


Idea Ten
Boss Fight

Create a small mini-game from the code used in DvZ's boss fights. Good place to test new dvz boss ideas.


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