Vote to earn reward tokens

How to vote

1. Choose from one of the voting websites below. No signup required.
2. Remember to enter your Minecraft username correctly.
3. Check the vote was successful, each websites will only let you vote once a day.
4. Type /reward in game and enjoy! Type /tokens to check your total.

Voting website links

Earn over 15 reward tokens per day by voting at each website!

Link 1:
Link 2: Double tokens
Link 3:
Link 4:
Link 5:
Link 11:
Link 12: (Please comment)
Link 13:
Link 14:
Link 15:


Why Vote?

You help new players find the server!
Each vote will earn you a reward token, we run competitions every month to win prizes.

Top voter prizes

Every month we reset the vote totals and run a new competition.

Win up to 3 pets each month, reach 100, 200 or 300 votes within the current month to win each Pet.

Thanks for your support, if you like the rewards please consider visiting our store.