MvD Change log



  • Initial release v0.2 on the USA server MvD US1


  • Add second server MvD US2 to the USA server.
  • Release v0.3 - Bug fixes that include making sure the monster option is not offered to the previous monster.


  • Map fixes.


  • Release v0.4 - Add Dwarf classes instead of auto Dwarf spawn, give player items to choose.
  • Add Dwarf heal and infinite cake to the map.


  • Release v0.5 Bug fixes to ensure players cannot carry over items between class or Monster choice.


  • Release MvD as an official game mode and update the Hub to include visible portals.
  • Add MvD US3


  • Roll out MvD on the European server, opening MvD EU1, 2 and 3.


  • Include MvD in the VIP perks, ensure VIP players have reserved slots and they start with a defensive items as a Dwarf.


  • Release v0.6
  • Remove void damage, teleport Dwarves to a random spawn point instead, same for the Monster but this might change.
  • Retain inventory, if your a Dwarf when your given the Monster eggs, your inventory will be save, if you do not become the Monster you will be returned to the game with your previous items.


  • Add Repair tool, as Item durability is higher due to Dwarves living longer with the void damage changes and the option to keep items if you choose not to be the Monster.
  • Update the Map a little, prevent accidental teleport out of the world by placing a none teleport block behind.


  • Monster Buffs - The Monster is often out numbered, so additional resistance based on the number of Dwarves is given. If less than 5 Dwarves are online when you become the a Monster, the Resistance level 2 buff is given, if more than 5 dwarves are online the Monster is buffed with Resistance level 3 and if more than 10 Dwarves are online the Resistance level is set to 4. In addition to this change, all Resistance buffs will have a time limit which is currently set to 3 minutes, this prevent people being the Monster for too long.
  • Legendary items - Instead of giving items JUST when you kill the Monster, each kill the Monster gets has a 50% chance of dropping an item, this means the Monster can attempt to defend the dropped items. This change should lead to more chances to get items and reduce the fear of loosing them leading to Dwarves not fighting.


  • Keep your items - When you die as the Monster you will re-spawn with the items you had before the game selected you to be the Monster.


  • Be the Monster more - The Monster selection is random but doesn't have many checks to prevent repeated selection. This has now been re-written to reduce the chance of repeat selection. (ALPHA v0.8)



  • MAPS - MvD has for a long time has been using a map made for another game mode and recently we opened a Creative Server for the community to help us build! We have plenty of interest and its great to flying around the Creative world, If we choose to use your work, you will be rewarded with VIP for life.


  • Rebalance v1.2 - The game mode is often not very busy and I have kinda neglected it for some time while improving DvZ. Today I made some changes to how mobs are buffed for high ratios to Dwarves. Instead of resistance potions they now get protection helmets that scale based on ratio, This means mobs will be weaker leading to more skill required to get high kills. More play testing will be needed to ensure the changes are balanced. I have also made the mob class selection random so those who rely on blaze to get kills will need to improve there skills with other classes.